Working Life Balance

The best way to be more Productive is to enjoy after work time.
And that means having a Working Life Balance. Too often we get so caught up in our work that we don’t enjoy the simplicity of not worrying about work tasks or money.

Doesn’t mean you have to spend enormous amounts of money. Last Wednesday, had a super productive work day & had a few personal errands to run.

Had to go to the bank so put on my shoes and was out the door.
Even before I went had decided I would go to a different branch; as my other errands were in the same district.

So, I went the way less frequented by me.
Passed by a store that was having a surprise clothing sale and I needed a new belt.
Lucked out with a purchase at 75% off, then I went off to the bank.

When I got there had only been in line a moment when from staff only area emerged a woman asking if she could help me. There wasn’t a huge line at all. Only me in line waiting for the next teller.
Could’ve been the bank manager maybe? She gladly helped me out & suggestion benefit of an added service.

Then went for an ice cream sundae treat. Inside the store saw a newspaper with a sale flyer on professional attire.

End result was: got what I needed, had dragged myself out, saw places having special promotions & did something other than sit at a desk all day with only myself around.

Came back home inspired with content for a customer service article thanks to a great experience at the bank.

It was a good day of Working Life Balance which as of next month will be a weekly plan.

Maybe it was the Ice Cream Sundae that made it all happen…we’ll never know.

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