Welcome to the new VYA

We launched a new domain for our new brand this past New Years Day.

Today is the day that our new brand is unveiled.

Being Leap Year thought we’d wait until this special day to show it to the world.

Aside from an updated look; more changes being made to enable us to better serve our valued clients.

November 2, 2015 – We finally added our most requested service – Answering Service.

With my background in customer service; it is also my goal that we not only provide great service but great customer service as well. The two go hand in hand.

Finally; when VYA first started the very core of the reasons was to be able to employ others particularly single parents, retired & disabled.

To give a sense of belonging, an income & reduce dependence upon the social system.

It is this that will help with global poverty reduction.

It was told to me that I should no longer focus on that; move on from it.

Without that reason there’d be no VYA…so carry on we shall!







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