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Website Popup is similar to a popup in a children’s book where you open it & the picture is “raised” & not flat in the book.

Similarly on many websites a box just ‘pops up’.

When the pop-up was first created long ago, they became the new favourite thing to put on any & every website.

It’s meant to catch your attention to a special offer or opt-in box.

When people started getting pop-up blockers or web browsers used to block them, pop-overs and pop-unders were created for the same effect.

Haven’t seen the other two being used in quite some time.
They could still be in use, but not that I’ve seen.

Yes, they are considered annoying but they’re meant to get attention & so you don’t miss what is being advertised.

Last week had been talking to someone who asked if they could get the link to our Tech Article about changes to Facebook’s messaging system.

After being sent the article; they replied that they couldn’t access the article as there was a pop-up in front of it.

Told them a pop-up is shown the first time you visit a website.
After that you don’t always see it unless you’ve cleared browser history.

It’ll close once you click “X” in the top right hand corner & then you’ll be able to read the article.

Had they not asked, they may not have known that.

Nor would we have been inspired to write a Tech article on that topic!

It was great Geekspiration – inspiration for Geeks!

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