Get Website Hits – Facebook Groups

If you’re looking for Free Website Hits start using Facebook Groups.

This is NOT the same as Search Engine Optimization which is about gaining targeted ads. Posting in Facebook Groups is about getting Free website traffic.

At a networking group once there was a woman who mentioned looking for more people to visit their website & their articles about their products etc.

I suggested to her why not start using Facebook Groups?

If you’ve already got an account on Facebook then why not start posting your content in Facebook Groups?

It’s exposure to more people anytime & FREE!

What better way to get more website hits?

Just as with regular business postings on social media; anything promotional or “selling” should be every other day or the second or third message. Otherwise, people will turn away.

There are public groups & many business courses or organizations have private Facebook Groups for their members. Check their rules on what they allow & when. Many have scheduled shared days while others are open.

When you’re “new” to posting in groups; views might be in small numbers. After about the fifth post; momentum will pick up speed. It may also lead to prospective clients, Word Of Mouth Referrals or shares.

It said 80% of success is just showing up.

So, why not show up “Online” & get more views.

Maximum 4X per group spaced out over the day. (check what they allow).

We’ve only been posting our articles in Facebook Groups for a few months.

80% of our website traffic now comes from there.

Think of it like a Free Newspaper Ad.

You don’t know all the people who read the paper your ad is in but people respond when wanting to buy. Same applies to Facebook Groups.

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