Vision Board – Fall Season Goals

Vision Board – that funny little poster board with pictures of things you cut & pasted onto it.

It wasn’t until a few years ago that I believed they worked or even knew what they were actually either.

And now have even created a few Memes about Vision Boards.

For those nonbelievers; here’s what converted me. Was home on day in mid-Sept 2013 and the t.v. was on. I’d wandered into the kitchen to grab something to eat and another was flipping channels. They stopped on a channel & the topic of the show caught my eye. (see video)

When I saw the above, it was an eye opener. And others who I have showed it to have passed it onto their friends. Each time it’s shared they quickly go to make theirs within a week for whatever their life goals are just as I had within three days when I saw this on television.

One of our clients that I showed it to said You made the second one with “heart”. And in fact; that’s absolutely correct. I still wasn’t a believer so I made it again & did the same as what I did when first taught how to make one at a workshop – put it away in the closet not believing…Then a few weeks later “news” of what had been put on board was received.

Your goals could be more money, new job, health, travel, new career..We’re not a “love blog” but it seems to raise everyone’s motivation LOL

One friend who I told this Vision Board story; said that that’s quite advanced for a young child. Yet another said he doesn’t believe that anyone that age could think that far ahead. I thought that maybe it was a fun activity guided by parents.

Here is the story on that “child” with the Vision.

Been thinking for a few weeks that it’s perfect timing to create one for the new season with updated goals.
That’s today’s Agenda at the end of the workday.

Want help making yours? Drop us a line!

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