Testimonials for Business Services

For a regular job we need References and when it comes to entrepreneurs it’s called Testimonials.
It’s a way of showing our characteristics & work ethic to others.

Most times Testimonials happen naturally without thinking. It’s a way of verbal vouching.
Ever had a restaurant that you loved? Product that you can’t live without?
Those are testimonials too!

You are saying how much you enjoyed a particular product or service?

Those are all Testimonials and the Life blood of any business and what inspires us to buy anything or work with an individual.

Here’s a few examples.

There were business networking groups that others liked so much that they told others how much they enjoyed going to benefit their business and that they should go as well.

Or they suggested a product or service because it was useful or made their life easier.

In the summer of 2015 had run into a networking friend, we started talking & a particular product of use came up.
She mentioned how useful it had been to her family life. Hearing that it was useful for the purpose it served was what made my buying decision easier. That was HER Testimonial for the product.

Two weeks ago made a purchase that I hadn’t thought of before but one person in a business association that VYA belongs to had left a testimonial and then another had mentioned it to me verbally.

Well, hearing from two people had peaked my curiousity about this particular service.
Upon reaching out and contacting the service provider told them this & that I would be interested in a trial of their services as well since hearing these rave reviews.

They were happy to learn of the great feedback received about their business services and would be happy to have myself try their services when ready.

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