Testimonial Tuesday – Better, more impactful Testimonials

Testimonial Tuesday is dedicated to better, more testimonials.
One person after some prodding admitted they had never given one before.
Therefore a solution was available; they could be directed on how to give one & maybe others could benefit from the same learning.

A testimonial is simply when we tell what benefit a service has given us,
how much we enjoyed a product. Most times we do it without even thinking.
Here’s an example: House or car keys.

Benefit is that we can lock & unlock the door. We know that & it’s what we’d tell if asked.
If a person was to list you as a reference & what would YOU say?

When working in research; we would often times get feedback on opinion polls about food products.
From the packaging to the food itself, the company would want to know various aspect of satisfaction.
So we would ask in depth questions.

Did people think there was too much packaging? Just enough? Not enough?
Was it sweet tasting enough? Salty enough? Too much? too little?
Same for the colour shade of food? Texture? Taste?

Do you a favourite food? Type of car? Product? Service? Type of mobile phone? What makes it your favourite?
Nokia phones are said to be sturdy. One person said no matter how often she dropped theirs it didn’t break.
That was her testimonial for Nokia phones.

Often get called The Memory Girl, knowledge of helpful resources & basic tech skills. That could be used as a Testimonial by the person saying it.

Picture in your mind the 5W’s. Who, What, Where, When & How
That will help you with writing one or take a look at other ones to get an idea.
Look at websites that have reviews for hotels or restaurants that’s a good place to get examples.


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