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TeleFriday is all about the calling industry.

The industry particularly Telemarketers are misunderstood.

In telemarketing; telephone agents can deal with much abuse from callers on the other end of the line.

Yes, we realize there are not so nice telemarketers as well.

Both sides need to be aware of this.

Telemarketing or cold calling is a way of gaining new prospective customers for a business product or service.

It can be utilized as a way to reach consumers which is called B2C.
Example: Long distance services, plumbing, heating & renovation or other home services.

When it is utilized for Business Products; that is called B2B.
Example: Cash registers, product display cases, metal shelving, Point Of Sale products & more.

The Calling Industry is much more than Telemarketing.

Many call centres; also known as customer contact centres provide a variety of other services.

Those services range from Inbound or Outbound sales to Answering service to market research opinion polling to information lines such as are found with Government or Health Services.

Call Centres are quite popular in North America and in recent years Europe & Asia.

They provide a service to the general public, business owners and create employment for others.
While primarily known as employment for women, more & more males are seeking employment in this sector.

Small contact centres can have anywhere from 10-40 seats, while larger ones can have as many as 200.
The work is project dependent, some centres may have regular work & services offered can depend on time of year.

When we do B2B telemarketing;generally starting August to mid-September aren’t good times to call.

Same goes when the second week of December until mid-January rolls around.

TeleFriday serves to educate about the calling industry including Do & Don’t procedures.
Contact Centres policies for employees become a routine.

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