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Regular Business Hours return

Just over three weeks since the holiday season ended & this week regular business hours will return to normal for all businesses.

Had to make a few personal customer service calls & the lines were busy which meant long hold times.

Some places offer priority call support which saves agony of sitting on hold forever.

During and after holiday times is stressful for customer service as first they deal with the mad pre-rush, then after holiday sales, inventory & returns.

Takes two weeks from the start of January for things to settle & another full week before things return to regular business hours tasks.

For non retail or online marketplaces things can be quite slow. This is industry dependent but this week everything will return to usual.

Having spent much of November with our usual yearly hiatus & then the holiday season with life commitments; we’re ready to get back into things.

Our plan here at VYA Online is to go back to business networking in a week from today.

Regular Business Networking and VolNetworking is on our list to take us into February and beyond.

Looking forward to putting our Business God lessons into overdrive!

We will also be getting ready for our company work anniversary is also in thirty-two days.

How will we celebrate?

The usual way with our MemeOlogy

What else would you expect from Geeks?


Business Networking is everywhere

Business Networking happens everywhere.
It happens so casually in our regular lives that sometimes we barely notice.

When I was new in business & had just started business networking

Once at an old workplace, a fellow co-worker was chatting with me.
Mentioned what they were searching for.
Asked me if I knew anywhere they could buy that & I said no.
Yet another co-worker overheard & told us their friend could help.

Once was out on a leisure day & subject of a service came up as we passed by a building sign.
Well, it turned out that one had been looking for that but wasn’t sure whom to ask.
Then they told friends they’d gotten that service.

One person said he believes that people who aren’t in business; do more networking.

It is said that Word Of Mouth is the strongest form of marketing there is.

Many use the same hairdresser, accountant or share a great deal they found.

Often times people invite their friends to what they are going to or want to go because their friends are going.

Business cards are gained from networking events or business meetings but they can also be found on bulletin boards at coffee shops, grocery stores & apartment building mailroom corkboard.

Flyers about local services come in the mail.

Need a realtor? There are notepads, postcards, flyers & letters that arrive in the mail.

Do you ever read the paper seeing the same paid ads over & over?
Eventually, you recall that advertisement & call when needed.

Last week went for groceries & ran into someone employed by an onsite promotional marketing company.
Used to pass by their territory area when going to work. I knew the company thru other people as well.
We started talking & they told me of the different area managers.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Two Conversations Networking

Two Conversations Networking

Have heard a few people talk about two conversations networking. Whether at a business group or in our regular lives; it’s what leads to our purchases, ideas or learning about a useful resource.

In fact, they can happen anywhere. most times these conversations don’t happen just at business networking but in a casual setting. Have read many articles about networking while in line at the grocery store. It’s not “pitching” it’s conversation; same as we have online or in our personal lives.

That’s how we gain knowledge, where ideas start & how purchase decisions happen.

These conversations can be online, in person or by phone.

Often times, it’s the “problem” that people mention that leads to networking. Car won’t start? Door is a little wobbly? Cable TV not working? Who made this delicious plate of cookies?

These are commonly heard types of conversations that lead to “networking”.

Many times ideas for our blog articles topics come from Two conversations networking in daily life.

Couple of years ago was with a Tech Trainee in a coffee shop. Fellow patron overheard me say Open Office and Microsoft Office are 98% similar with slight feature compatibility differences.
The patron said excuse me; overheard you mention Open Office. Says how much he loves it.

The Business Volunteer articles recently written had been conversations with others who were new in business or experiencing slow season.

Last week mentioned how many people still don’t know Facebook changed their messaging system & they miss messages from people not on their friends list.

Said we’d written a blogpost about that tech issue. The person asked to be sent the article.
During the course of conversation, they mentioned another minor tech problem.
Told them how to solve it & thanked them as this ended up inspiring a future blog article!

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Firecrackerology: Do YOU Need Business Networking

The last Firecrackerology Thursday before articles go on hold for summer.

What are Business Networking groups or associations for anyway?
Selling? Finding leads? Meeting business owners you wouldn’t know otherwise?

Few years ago read an article about Ladies Business Networking  at spas. Then about two yrs ago had a few tell me “Business Networking” is about building relationships not selling as many people think.

Networking can happen naturally & doesn’t just happen at networking.

What many don’t realize is that business networking is all around us all the time.

Before I went to networking knew Business Professionals; however I hadn’t met them at any business group or met them at all actually.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~








Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show – Double webisode

Welcome back!

It’s one month since our birthday here at VYA.

Also, it’s one month since starting fresh with our websisodes!

When the 25th falls on a Monday; we will now be a double webisode.

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