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Fundraising Programs available for Charities & Non Profits

Fundraising Programs: Non Profits

Our blog returns today May 1st. On Monday’s is when we discuss one of our services & it’s benefits. This month our feature service is fundraising programs for registered charities & non profits.

The management team at VYA Online are all big believers in community support, giving back & reducing global poverty including assistance to non profits.

From time to time, our help with non profit projects is requested.

Our task is to find the non profits or charities, contact them in order to pre-screen fundraising programs eligibility.

Last fall when we started working on this regularly; Our internal list of non profits & charities to contact about fundraising program was average sized & we ran out of organizations to contact.

With our company background in telemarketing; our staff made cold calls.

We also have lists generated of thousands up thousands potential organizations to contact & have met others at various public events.

Our main project offers complimentary online advertising at for registered charities & non profits worldwide.

There are other projects available on a case by case basis in certain regions.

Follow ups start up again this afternoon & will continue until mid July, then resume mid September.

About Reputation Man: Customer Service Expert, Head of Operations & Reputation Management for VYA Online. On select Monday’s writes about our Virtual Assistant services & how they benefit small business owners.











VYA turns eight

VYA turns eight years old

Today Virtually Yours (Assistance) called VYA turns eight.

It all started on this day in 2009.

Had been at work & had a thought for a couple of friends who were looking for extra cash.

Talked to one after work but then had to wait to reach the other person after 6pm.

When they both agreed, we then had to decide on a name for what they’d call their service & what the company (me) would be named.

The advertising exec in me started brainstorming different names until it felt “perfect”.

Finally at 6:30pm the right sounding name was chosen & with assistance in brackets.

With my less than impeccable entrepreneurial skills back then, created a Facebook Fan page.

Friends raved about how great it was to land my “first contract” with what seemed to them was a large company.

Had to laugh and say I am the company that hired me!

First jobs consulted of placing ads & sending leads to service providers on a commission basis.

Next was finding focus group attendees which I’d done in the past for select companies.

Fast forward from then to now.

In the past seven years there’s been a lot of changes.

Much development of myself & skills as the company has grown from just a one woman show.

Newer services being added frequently, help given to worthy & the addition of tech tutorials.

We are actively working on making a difference towards reducing global poverty.

This was the dream of my Maternal Grandmother.from

She’d grown up in extreme poverty & during my early childhood years this is what she instilled in me.

As we go forward into year eight, here’s to more continued growth & achieving more successes.

One goal I want to strive for is to win an award; that’s something I’ve always wanted but never got.

Here’s to us and our Executive Team of Firecrackers!










Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant – What is that?

Was asked this recently. Reputation Man; what do you mean by Virtual Assistant company?

Just what is that?

Explanation: Virtual Assistant is a self-contractor who helps business owners with their day to day office work.

Working from where they’re located & you pay only for hours needed when you need them.

If a business is a home office, works out of a co-working space or goes to clients offices; no need to worry about finding space or a desk for your assistant.

No need to buy any office equipment. Your assistant has all their own equipment.

They will work behind the scenes communicating with you through technology such as phone and email.

No worrying about benefits, sick pay or even holiday pay.

If a business owner doesn’t have any need to hire F/T Secretary then this perfect for them.

You will have more time to spend building your business & enjoy worry free time with your family instead of stressed out about your office tasks.

The benefits of not sleeping at the office or missing important occasions in your life will outweigh the cost.

Our target client is small business owners who are a one person company (solo entrepreneurs) or less than five employees & our rates are suited to that clientele.

Now they understood what we do.

Our VISION: Grow a business that allows utilizing skills in a profitable manner, gain a steady stream of income by assisting others & decrease global poverty by employing others.

MISSION: To be Top choice as service provider aiming Virtual Assistant companies by helping small business owners increase their ROI. Giving them back their time to work ON their business; not IN it. Decreasing their stress by handling the small tasks that weigh them down; allowing them to be able to enjoy their leisure time worry free.


Reputation Man

Reputation Man – First blog post

Welcome to my first of many blog posts and on my birthday. I’m excited for my new role as Reputation Man taking over Head of Operations here at VYA.

With a new website and new domain for VYA as of last February 29 that means a fresh start.

The direction that VYA is taking is aligned with what is important to me.

I shall lead them into furthering developing their reputation as well as business exposure both online and offline.

Having come from an employment background in face to face sales, this is a perfect opportunity.

I’m a firm believer in tackling global poverty by employing others both nationally and internationally.

Empowering girls to maximize their true career potential and to achieve what they want in life is also of utmost importance to me.

That means starting with education for all children because they are our future mentors and leaders.

I will be writing regular articles about our company brand and what we strive to achieve.

Will also be starting going to professional networking groups soon as well.

Part of my role as reputation man entails visiting business communities across Canada in an effort to spread word about our company values and what we strive to achieve.

Also new is being active on social media to help demonstrate how our company gives back.

We are more than writing a cheque, it’s our time which is the more important gift to charitable groups.

Creating Heroes in our business world.









Social Media Posts

Let’s face it, most people are making social media posts.
Entrepreneurs especially embrace it to help market their business.
As one business owner put it, it’s Free Advertising.

You’re a busy entrepreneur building your business & chances are you may not get this new marketing avenue.
We can help!

Many have come to us to assist them with making sense of the social media confusion & to help with your postings get out more consistently.

Too many get busy & their accounts become dormant.

They post one week or maybe two; then get busy so it’s put it off.
Next thing you know it’s been three months since they last posted & it continues in the same way.

Chances are your fans & followers will drift or turn away due to the infrequency. They may even choose to follow a competitor instead.

How often you post is really up to you.

Many post on their social networks daily while others choose to only do so two or three times a week.

Whatever you decide, we can help you keep it consistent.

You might be wondering; how do we know YOUR BUSINESS & what to post.

We were asked this question before & the answer is simple.

Firstly, you give us the guidelines of what you’re looking to post. It could be your own blog posts, videos, newsletters, articles you’ve written, seminars you’ll be at & more.

Most times we are sent the content or told to pull it from their website.

If just starting then posted will be considered “new” to your followers.

Now, with that being said…Social Media posts shouldn’t be just be focused on your business & particularly always sales.

You wouldn’t go to work or out with a friend & “push a sale” & you can’t on social media.

We’ll help balance it out & avoid driving followers away.

Service: Note Taking

Note Taking – Meeting Minutes

Note Taking – is how your assistant can help you.

You can have your assistant attend an in-person meeting with you and take notes during a meeting.
Or if you can’t attend they can go as your company representative and fill you in later on what happened as well as send their notes.

“Virtual Assistants” are usually remote employees that work “unseen”.

If your assistant is in your local area you can ask if they will attend meetings on your behalf (if needed).
From time to time; you may be able to send them to participate.

There are also other types of meetings that your assistant can help you with note taking.

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