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Testimonial Tuesday

Testimonial Tuesday: References

Testimonial Tuesday is dedicated to Testimonial Givers.

We call them Testimonialings.

It’s our Reference Letter that speaks volumes for us as Career Professionals.

Here at VYA Online; one of our biggest testimonials is that we pay before we play!

Whenever our staff buys a product or hires a service; we make sure that payment is sent.

No fuss No Muss or schemes here!

Our reputation is our biggest Testimonial.

It’s a billboard that advertises for us.

That’s why sticking to your deal by doing what you say is our core value.

When you think of Testimonials, they happen without trying.

Saying how we like or dislike a company, product or service.

Giving Testimonials is easy but gaining better ones is more difficult.

Too many times they’re too weak in description.

That’s why we created our Testimonial Tuesday guide to better testimonials.

WHO – Is the Testimonial for

WHAT – Details of how they assisted you

WHERE – It took place – online, in person, on location (this is optional)

WHEN – Timeline of when it took place

WHY – Reason why you’d recommend

HOW – Benefits of how it helped you

Put that all together & you have the makings of a great testimonial!

Example: Company ABC’s product XYZ helps me with _______.

Whenever I need ___________, it’s there to help me handle the job.

Saving hassle, time & money every time.

There you have it; our Testimonalings.


Testimonial Tuesday dedicated to helping you gain better, more impactful testimonials














Character Testimonials

Character Testimonials are just as important as work testimonials.
Anyone can be a good worker but might be a horrible person.

Maybe you do your job well but you don’t get along with your office co-workers or you’re rude to customers when you see them face to face.

It was a couple of years ago that someone said not knowing me they couldn’t even be an Affiliate for our company & refer business to us.

Fair enough; while I’m an honest individual in my dealings they don’t know that firsthand.

Asked a few people who knew me if they could provide a testimonial particularly “personal” that I could show.

Those who I asked happily provided one & I showed the person who was unsure.

End result was everyone was pleased.

Character testimonials are about the person themselves.

Such as: Do they lend a hand & volunteer in their local community?
Are they willing to assist you when you have a burning question or dilemma?
Have they done something to help you out?
Did they teach you anything?
Offer information on what could be useful to you?
Able to deal with them effectively?

Common character testimonial for myself would be that I know great applications or technology resources that can assist business owners & I’m usually pleasant to deal with.

Our VISION: Grow a business that allows utilizing skills in a profitable manner, gain a steady stream of income by assisting others & decrease global poverty by employing others.

MISSION: To be Top choice as service provider aiming Virtual Assistant companies by helping small business owners increase their ROI. Giving them back their time to work ON their business; not IN it. Decreasing their stress by handling the small tasks that weigh them down; allowing them to be able to enjoy their leisure time worry free.


Testimonials for Business Services

For a regular job we need References and when it comes to entrepreneurs it’s called Testimonials.
It’s a way of showing our characteristics & work ethic to others.

Most times Testimonials happen naturally without thinking. It’s a way of verbal vouching.
Ever had a restaurant that you loved? Product that you can’t live without?
Those are testimonials too!

You are saying how much you enjoyed a particular product or service?

Those are all Testimonials and the Life blood of any business and what inspires us to buy anything or work with an individual.

Here’s a few examples.

There were business networking groups that others liked so much that they told others how much they enjoyed going to benefit their business and that they should go as well.

Or they suggested a product or service because it was useful or made their life easier.

In the summer of 2015 had run into a networking friend, we started talking & a particular product of use came up.
She mentioned how useful it had been to her family life. Hearing that it was useful for the purpose it served was what made my buying decision easier. That was HER Testimonial for the product.

Two weeks ago made a purchase that I hadn’t thought of before but one person in a business association that VYA belongs to had left a testimonial and then another had mentioned it to me verbally.

Well, hearing from two people had peaked my curiousity about this particular service.
Upon reaching out and contacting the service provider told them this & that I would be interested in a trial of their services as well since hearing these rave reviews.

They were happy to learn of the great feedback received about their business services and would be happy to have myself try their services when ready.

Testimonial Tuesday – Better, more impactful Testimonials

Testimonial Tuesday is dedicated to better, more testimonials.
One person after some prodding admitted they had never given one before.
Therefore a solution was available; they could be directed on how to give one & maybe others could benefit from the same learning.

A testimonial is simply when we tell what benefit a service has given us,
how much we enjoyed a product. Most times we do it without even thinking.
Here’s an example: House or car keys.

Benefit is that we can lock & unlock the door. We know that & it’s what we’d tell if asked.
If a person was to list you as a reference & what would YOU say?

When working in research; we would often times get feedback on opinion polls about food products.
From the packaging to the food itself, the company would want to know various aspect of satisfaction.
So we would ask in depth questions.

Did people think there was too much packaging? Just enough? Not enough?
Was it sweet tasting enough? Salty enough? Too much? too little?
Same for the colour shade of food? Texture? Taste?

Do you a favourite food? Type of car? Product? Service? Type of mobile phone? What makes it your favourite?
Nokia phones are said to be sturdy. One person said no matter how often she dropped theirs it didn’t break.
That was her testimonial for Nokia phones.

Often get called The Memory Girl, knowledge of helpful resources & basic tech skills. That could be used as a Testimonial by the person saying it.

Picture in your mind the 5W’s. Who, What, Where, When & How
That will help you with writing one or take a look at other ones to get an idea.
Look at websites that have reviews for hotels or restaurants that’s a good place to get examples.


Testimonial Tuesday – Getting your first Reference

Can be tough if just starting out or re-entering the workforce.

Think whom you can ask to recommend you.

Have you done any babysitting?

Volunteer work?

Part of your Neighbourhood Watch?

PTA at the local elementary?

Helped organize neighbourhood events?

Ever mowed lawns, shoveled a walk?

There’s all sorts of sources where you can get a testimonial.



Testimonial Tuesday – How Do You Give One?

Had this question from another.

When I’d asked them; eventually told me they didn’t know how.

None had ever asked them to provide one.

Ok, that was something to “educate” on.

My response was If I gave your name as a reference to another; what would YOU say?

What assistance have you gotten?

How did it help you?

What benefit did the product or service provide?









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