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Self Employment – 5 yrs ago today

Self Employment for some is a career wish.

For others, it’s what they’d never wish for.

Not everyone is the employee type & do better working on their own.

Self Employed isn’t always your own business (we’ll discuss in future).

Five years ago today left a regular work schedule but still do contract work.

The good side of self-employment is that you can set your own schedule, work your own hours.
Doesn’t matter whether 2AM or 2PM (depending on what needs doing) you can get work done.

We do our best work quietly in the early morning & pre-work tasks before the rest start their day.

Being a person who is always in demand in my regular life & who spent a lifetime dealing with my own illnesses; self-employment works great for me. All those who told me to give it up are the ones who depend on me.

I like being able to set my own hours, work well alone & enjoy less noise. No having to call work and say kids/family are ill & that I must take care of them.

In our home; I handle all the telephone calls, postal mail & other home life administration.

The downside to self employment is you don’t get the same interaction you do in a regular job.
There’s no regular paycheck every two weeks. You don’t get to meet your co-workers & there’s no such thing as days off anymore.

Nothing is regular, not even your workday.

Working for yourself requires much self discipline to keep yourself on track.

You live, eat & sleep work.

All in all, would not give up this career life for anything.

Being self employed was a life long dream.

Luckily from long before VYA started; have other life interests that help balance out the serious work week.

It’s our Birthday! VYA turns Seven Years Old

Every year there’s some sort of “splash” for our work anniversary.

Today, is the 7th year since VYA was created.

During the day had a great idea (for another).

Came home & later called up friends.

That evening around 7pm – VYA was born.

We exist to help small business owners with their office tasks.

Thought what I’d name “me” & Virtually Yours (Assistance) came to mind!

What our work anniversary means to me.
My lifelong dream was always self employment.
Knew a traditional career or post secondary program just wasn’t cut out for me.
My life threatening illness was the road that eventually led to our creation.
This aligns with my goal of self income, make a difference & employ others!

5 Days to 7 Years

Every year; make a big hoopla deal about our workversary.

This time will be NO DIFFERENT!

I am sooo happy!

My dream was ALWAYS to work for myself (I know I keep saying that LOL).

Growing up my Mom was a stay at home for most of my childhood.

Knew inside that type of life would never suit my personality.

Nor would career choices highly suggested in our culture.

I’m a very creative brain type & geek.

Always had a fascination with learning technology even with t.v. sets.

I can’t believe it’s been almost 7 yrs!






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