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Getting Business Leads for a Sensitive Industry

Business Leads Sensitive Careers

Often times when looking for or sending business leads run into sensitive industries.

We have to be careful how we ask or send to prevent angry responses.

It was once mentioned by someone that they’d signed up for classes on having a healthier diet.

Well; they told friends I’m doing this & if you’re interested too let me know.

One friend got quite angry; feeling this was an assuming “pitch”.
They had simply only mentioned it to see if anyone else was interested in joining them.

Another example; if a Headshot photography company contacts me & says you might want to get new ones.
I’d be unhappy thinking they’re telling me that my current headshots were less than satisfactory.
And chances of me buying or sending any future leads would be non-existent.

Last Spring; was out and one person said they wanted to get into shape.
I told them that another had sent me a workout program that I use.
Another woman overheard & remarked Your friend told you to lose weight?

No, I laugh! Nothing like that.

She’d said I’m doing this for MYSELF; if anyone else wants to join me then let me know.

This way it didn’t look as if she was soliciting anyone.
It was I’m doing this for me instead of “you need this” which would make even a broom angry.

Would you just recommend a therapist or Doctor without knowing they wanted one?

Business leads for sensitive industries or even mentions are best approached lightly & with sensitivity.

It’s better to say we’re doing this for ourselves & would you know anyone else interested?

That way asking for Business Leads doesn’t seem a pushy solicitation that gets an angry response.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Customer Service is part of the sale.

Customer Service before you sell

Read an article recently about marketing and being of service to customers.
Can’t tell you any great marketing suggestions; that’s not my skill strength.
However; when it’s about customer service..I can help.

The article I’d read actually reminded me of a recent experience.
Few months back had been in a coffee shop & ran into someone I knew.

She’d wanted to possible buy some software or phone accessories.
We went to a few nearby stores to go have a look before leaving the area.

The last place we went we were greeted by one the sales reps who was standing by.
Well, if you’ve ever met a person who asks the same question upon question each leading to another then you’ll know the type of person I’m talking about. The sales guy was actually quite polite and not annoyed as he gave the same answer to twenty minutes of questions.

He explained the benefit of each product she asked & even price ranges. At the end of her Q & A the sales guy still DID NOT push a sale.

One thing the sales guy said stuck with me. He said that if she had noticed; he did not push a product particularly the more expensive one. His job was to educate the customer on what was suited to their individual needs. The final buying decision was upto the customer.

That made my friend happy & she planned to return when ready to buy.

Too many people think pushing for the sale is how to get customers to buy. Actually, customer service is part of the sales & most times that’s how it starts.

Let’s look at it this way. If you called up your friends to always push your products, don’t you think after a while they’d stop answering? The same rule applies here.