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Tech Support are there for a reason

Tech Support teach Geeks a lesson

Tech Support is the tech equivalent of customer service.

If there is a tech problem then they are the ones to help you.

Yesterday all day was spent dealing with a technical problem.

Talked to tech support in the morning about the issue.

It had been building for a while and had kept putting off talking to tech support and dealing with it.

Finally, the time came that this had to be taken care of.

Spoke with support in the morning and they helped with the situation.

There was also need to take care of billing on our end before they could make changes to our account.

Since it was Friday, told them that it’d be taken care by the next business day.

In the afternoon, the bill was taken care of but tech problem was still there.

Contacted support again to tell them the service wasn’t working.

They looked into the issue, were able to make a change and did a reset on their end.

Everything finally was working again.

Most times when we buy a product or subscribe to a service; basic technical support is included at no cost.
We should use that when we need it, especially if it’s included at no extra cost.

Geek learns a lesson that you don’t procrastinate thinking you’re so Geeky & don’t need help.

Had support not been contacted, would’ve continued to be upset over this trouble.

Also, it would’ve caused more problems in the long run including swamped with needing to get caught up on work for clients.

There are times even Geeks have to ask for help with tech problems & not procrastinate dealing with technical glitches.

All is well again with Tech running smoothly again here at VYA.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~

Offline backups of materials

Offline backups and efficiency

Offline backups should be a necessity.

Here’s a situation that happened recently and that ruffled the feathers of my inner geek.

Three weeks ago had gone out on the weekend & as usual with my laptop in tow.

Had gone to visit someone at their home and thought I could get some personal work done.

In the interest of higher learning, goal setting and personal development have a few digital books both on the hard drive as well as in the Kindle Reader app. Not to mention online storage such as Google Docs and Dropbox.

The area usually has quite a few open internet networks showing as available.

Not this day though!

One would show, connect and then signal would drop or not connect at all.

Or show good signal strength but then the strength meter would say the signal was too low.

Spent the next few hours turning off wireless, then enabling, tried turning off the computer & more.

Nothing would make the Internet work & that meant I couldn’t access anything.

For a Geek who is trying to be productive; that is pure death by agony.

Taught me a lesson about being a Geek & productivity with having offline backups.

If we want to be more productive and lead an efficient business or even life; we don’t need to always depend on technology.

At least one of books I wanted to read and work on; is also available as a print copy at the bookstore.

Two summers ago had given that same suggestion to another who said their computer was out for repair so they couldn’t look up a store website to find out if a book they needed was available.

Yes, time to take my own suggestion: Pen & paper notebook work just as well. They don’t stop working when the Internet signal is weak.

Difference between Facebook page types

Facebook Page: Business & Personal

Facebook Page – many people particularly in business don’t realize the difference.

Your “personal Facebook page” & a “business Facebook page” aren’t the same.

In the Spring was at a workshop.

Had run into others who we had met before at other business networking events.

During conversation; one of them mentioned that they weren’t tech savvy & that they didn’t use their Facebook account very much. They didn’t know how to use it.

Let them know that one of the services we offer here at VYA; is also Tech Training & our prices are inexpensive.

Much later; followed up with them to see if we could be of any help with their tech skills.

They admitted that they didn’t use their “Facebook page” too much.

They wanted to use it for promoting their business & had seen that so many sharing about non-business things such as trips, dining out & other personal activities.

So, then I asked them if they had a “Business Page” also known as a fan page.

As we went to set one up; found that they’d already created one but didn’t know they had one.

Your “personal Facebook page” isn’t a business page it’s your personal profile that you see upon login.

Helped them through realizing that both pages were “separate” things and how to tell.

Click to play the video below (Time length 2:25)

Saturday Geek – Choosing a web based email provider

There are many web based email providers to choose from.

Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo are three of the more popular ones.

There are many others out there. Choose the one you feel best or ask others which ones they use.

Being web based you can access them from anywhere that you have Internet Access.

After Work Anniversary News

Happy Monday!

Just returning tomorrow from a one week leave.
Was only a few days since VYA turned seven.

Here’s some news from us!

Every month there will be something fresh added.
Could be a new feature or website update.

Last month we launched our new website with a blog.
This month starting tomorrow will be the launch of audios.
Word Of Mouth Masterminds & Did You Know Show will also return!

The new VYA is here to serve YOU!

Much of our content is what has been taught or learned the hard way.
Often have called myself the Queen Of Wrong.
We all have gone for a long drive via stumbles roadway to reach our destination.

My journey to get VYA to this point wasn’t easy at all.
I had to endure much development of myself as well.

As we go on; will be sharing some of my story.
For me reaching this point where I don’t need direction (as much) is a BIG DEAL.
My entire life had there been vote for “future failure”; I would’ve won.

Anything that wasn’t a creative subject in school meant I was doomed.
In my mind I ALWAYS knew that I’d never be University material.
First of all my math skills (other than basics) are really lacking.

Up until about 4 yrs ago even feared sales.
Anyone who has ever met me laughs & shakes their head in disbelief.
Best way to describe me is a Social Geek! = )

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