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Social Media Postings

Social Media Postings – Times

Social Media postings; what times are good to post when you want to share something?

This discussion came up recently with an online friend who mentioned about sometimes you may have a burning idea or something you want to post on Facebook but it’s midnite & no one is around.

Well, for many people & particularly those involved in a business of any type their social media contacts aren’t always in their timezone.

I replied that while it might be midnite their local time; it’s afternoon somewhere.

2am in Los Angeles could be 2pm in Madrid or Budapest meaning that someone is online somewhere.

There are scheduling programs that pick optimized times of when that update will reach the most people.

Two months ago was talking to another I knew thru business networking & mentioned how we regularly share our blog posts online in the early morning. We weren’t getting as many article views when sharing early Sunday morning.

Reply I got was a laugh saying it’s one day when people sleep in & don’t read early morning blog posts.

We did hold off then the next week continued again as we had to get it out of the way.

What we found was that it depended on topic interest.

You need a catchy headline to capture interest & people will click.

Social Media Postings at 1:00AM local time Christmas Day still gets views.

Think who you’re trying to reach & clicks also depend on interest of end recipient.

Tech is my mine while yours could be science.

Our blog reach on most articles applies to readers in a global market.
Every business deals with Technology, Productivity & Customer Service.

Look at our recent website stats from this morning.

Social Media Postings Stats - Dec 26

Our website stats from social media postings of our blog posts

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Rolodex – Phone & email contacts

Networking and gaining leads is about who we know. When searching for a service, product it’s surprising how many people don’t look to whom they have in their Rolodex.

I challenge the fact that people are friends & don’t think in-house for that skill or product but go elsewhere.

Why you would think to support your friend just doesn’t compute with me.
So long as the have skillset needed & get the job done.

“Rolodex” was a card file that sat on your desk.

You would flip thru to find contact info.

Much similar to physical address books except for business contacts.

Here’s a tip I heard at a Network Marketing meeting once.

When it comes to approaching people; everyone always say I don’t know anyone. How many contacts do you have in your phone? Email? Facebook Friends?

Add to that any social network where you have followers.

Why would you open the Yellow Pages, search in Google or ask someone if they know a good mechanic even a tailor when you have a friend who provides that service?

I have been & would be upset when actual friends I supported who went elsewhere.

Networking is about building relationships (this was told to me) & friendship with those involved in business is a relationship already built.

My Father was employed an Accountant and when people who knew this needed help; they’d ask him.
Why can’t they work better now than a time when the internet wasn’t invented or widely used?

Once was at a dinner party met a woman who sold cosmetics & jewellery.

The other ladies said they all bought what they needed from her.

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Networking without Business Cards

Today’s article is networking without business cards.

We are in the holiday season & if your family is anything like mine; taking business cards would get a disapproving look.

Have learned even if in your wallet, jacket, back pocket etc is never good when we are in “regular person mode”. Make sure you remove them & leave at home.

When we are in business, our eyes are always open for networking & leads.

I’ve said before much networking is in casual settings when around close contacts.

So, how can we do Networking without business cards?

The seasoned networker knows they can go to networking without business cards as most people know them by face & name.

When I was new, went to networking a lot; people eventually recognized my face.

With our private lives; we don’t want it to look like we’re networking or prospecting during conversations. Uncle Bob’s friend Jimmy who you meet at dinner sells printing & you need new brochures. Do you hand him your card across the table?

Cousin Mark’s new girlfriend Sally just started a catering business that provided tonight’s meal.

You’re holding a dinner party next month & been looking for a caterer.

What do you do?

Most people have a cell.

If during conversation; product/service of interests comes up; store their contact in your phone, same as you would if you were making friends.

What if one or both of you doesn’t have a cellphone or it’s in your car or the battery is low?

Phone battery charging or not near you? They can text or email their contact to you.

No cell?

Firecrackerology Tip – Go Back 2 Basics like we teach in Word Of Mouth Masterminds.

Grab a piece of paper or napkin & a pen – write it down!

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

NonProfit Help

NonProfit Help – Fee or Free?

NonProfit help given by us. Is it for a Fee or Free?
This question has come up before.

While it’s nice to give back; we all need to make money right?

So, how do I answer this and what do I say?

We believe in answering honestly when asked if getting paid.

Any money received is NOT deducted from what the charitable organization receives.

Whether they sell ballpoint pens or software; the service provider pays out of their own profits.

However, that’s not the only reason we help out Non-Profits.

In my life have done much volunteer work with charitable organizations.

We do help out when we can with information or available resources to help them.

In fact; one of our current fundraising projects is contacting registered charities & non-profits to let them know of an online ads grant. (value $10,000 month).

Mentioning nonprofit help (when possible) by sharing information with them; is how the conversation about this online ad grants started a year ago.

Was told by the most recent person who asked; how that’s wonderful how I’d learned about the ad grant this way.

There is no reason to lie about what we receive or don’t receive.

And we also have an affiliate program; that is perfect for charitable organizations as they can set up their own custom link & “earn credit” for help they need by sharing the link online.

This makes it a win-win situation for everybody.

Converted sales keep us happy & we are happy to offer that as an earned work exchange particularly to NonProfits.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much – Helen Keller

Holiday Season Networking

Holiday Season Networking – Leads

Holiday Season Networking isn’t just attending business groups.
The same as with regular life; leads are everywhere.

Dr. Ivan Misner Founder of Business Networking International (BNI) & otherwise known as my Business God, says Word Of Mouth is the oldest & strongest form of marketing.

He’s absolutely right. Look at our daily lives & buying decisions influenced by those we know or wanting the same products as them.

When it comes to special occasions & “spend days”; we are inundated with advertising. Flowers, chocolates, candy, soft drinks & ice cream in the summer. While in the winter; it’s about helping the less fortunate.

Our casual holiday dinner conversations bring up what we bought, where we went etc.

They say more leads happen casually than they do at networking.

I have what I call the Commission Story that I’ll share in future.

Think about this way, how did you hear about Facebook or Craigslist? Why did you buy that phone?
The last restaurant you went to, why did you decide to dine there?

Word Of Mouth is everywhere & so is advertising.

Sometimes it’s just a need revealed in a phone conversation or when out having a relaxing time.

Friend of another said to me once that those who aren’t in business network MORE than those of us who are.

This past summer when our slow season hit; was working outside in a famous tourist area.

I cannot tell you how many vendor booths, car advertising, ice cream truck, marketing companies giving away freebies & people that I knew from networking that I ran into.

Gaining leads is about who or what we think of to help solve a problem.

In our business; the clients we seek are overstressed small business owners with no regular office support staff.

What is YOURS?

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

Business Advertising Exposure

Business Advertising Exposure

Few years back heard that it takes people seeing an advertisement 3-6X before people make a decision from Business Advertising Exposure for your company.

We can’t get away from ads. They are all around us wherever we look.

Quite a few years back had a bunch of broken electronic equipment that all need parts in order to fix.
Would go into online parts classifieds looking for the parts I needed.
Finally; one person got curious seeing the frequent ads for parts & emailed me asking Did I own an electronics store? He’d seen my ads looking for parts.

I laughed as I replied saying No, broken electronics needing parts so they’d work properly again.

Then about two or three years ago; there were so many commercials for a Samsung smartphone on YouTube.
I had no interest in purchasing it. Saw the commercials so often that I knew all the features & benefits of having that phone after seeing the commercials ten times.

Even got tempted to want to buy it after seeing the commercials non-stop.

Same applies to our business & even networking groups.

Many times people see ads online Craigslist, Facebook, Google and after a while it raises their curiousity.

I’d seen an ad quite a few times.
Kept telling myself that I should contact them; their service was a complimentary fit for a project that we were working on. Finally after six months; my curiousity hit the maximum level & finally contacted them.

This past Monday; the same thing happened.

Client Project we’ve been assisting recently & there was a company on the must contact radar.

Well, had seen another share a blog article from this company & that was the signal to finally get in contact.

Called them up to speak with them.

Business Advertising Exposure helps us remember.

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~

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