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Regular Business Hours return

Just over three weeks since the holiday season ended & this week regular business hours will return to normal for all businesses.

Had to make a few personal customer service calls & the lines were busy which meant long hold times.

Some places offer priority call support which saves agony of sitting on hold forever.

During and after holiday times is stressful for customer service as first they deal with the mad pre-rush, then after holiday sales, inventory & returns.

Takes two weeks from the start of January for things to settle & another full week before things return to regular business hours tasks.

For non retail or online marketplaces things can be quite slow. This is industry dependent but this week everything will return to usual.

Having spent much of November with our usual yearly hiatus & then the holiday season with life commitments; we’re ready to get back into things.

Our plan here at VYA Online is to go back to business networking in a week from today.

Regular Business Networking and VolNetworking is on our list to take us into February and beyond.

Looking forward to putting our Business God lessons into overdrive!

We will also be getting ready for our company work anniversary is also in thirty-two days.

How will we celebrate?

The usual way with our MemeOlogy

What else would you expect from Geeks?


Firecrackerology: Word Of Mouth – The Oldest Rule In The Book

Changes are if you know me; then you know the “Business God Obsession”.

It was 4 yrs ago this month when I read my soon to be fave book.

The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret.

Written by Dr. Ivan Misner – Founder of Business Networking International

It had been sitting on my desk at home for a few weeks.

Then one morning I woke up & there it was staring me in the face.

My mood went from growly to godly by the time I finished reading it!

Proclaimed the declaration that I’d found GOD – for BUSINESS!

Hence the reference term Business God was born!

When we think back on it; MOST of the time we refer & use services gained by Word Of Mouth.

People recommend, buy & refer what those close to them do.

If you haven’t yet read The World’s Best Known Marketing Secret – you should!

Great book even to help you with fresh perspective thinking!

Firecracker-ology Slogan ~Be UnProfessional and UnConventional ~







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