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Social Media postings; what times are good to post when you want to share something?

This discussion came up recently with an online friend who mentioned about sometimes you may have a burning idea or something you want to post on Facebook but it’s midnite & no one is around.

Well, for many people & particularly those involved in a business of any type their social media contacts aren’t always in their timezone.

I replied that while it might be midnite their local time; it’s afternoon somewhere.

2am in Los Angeles could be 2pm in Madrid or Budapest meaning that someone is online somewhere.

There are scheduling programs that pick optimized times of when that update will reach the most people.

Two months ago was talking to another I knew thru business networking & mentioned how we regularly share our blog posts online in the early morning. We weren’t getting as many article views when sharing early Sunday morning.

Reply I got was a laugh saying it’s one day when people sleep in & don’t read early morning blog posts.

We did hold off then the next week continued again as we had to get it out of the way.

What we found was that it depended on topic interest.

You need a catchy headline to capture interest & people will click.

Social Media Postings at 1:00AM local time Christmas Day still gets views.

Think who you’re trying to reach & clicks also depend on interest of end recipient.

Tech is my mine while yours could be science.

Our blog reach on most articles applies to readers in a global market.
Every business deals with Technology, Productivity & Customer Service.

Look at our recent website stats from this morning.

Social Media Postings Stats - Dec 26

Our website stats from social media postings of our blog posts

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