Surveys – Market Research

Being a Virtual Assistant company with many services & staff of varied skillset we can offer much.
Such as Surveys.

Often called Opinion Polling; it is Market Research for your business.

Market Research Surveys are often known for consumer products or government services.
They can also be used to evaluate and receive feedback for your business or service.

Your surveys can be multiple choice, one answer from the list and even include a comments box.
People can choose to leave their contact details if they want further follow up or not all if they want to remain anonymous.

The survey link can be published to the web and share online, it can be posted on your website, sent thru your email newsletter for feedback or you can email the form link to people.

Once completed; the feedback form collects information and analyzes the results into a bar graph or pie chart.

If you want to input the results yourself, then you can make a chart manually from the results.

Many times after a workshop, conference or when businesses are looking for feedback they will ask those who attended or purchased.

Setting up a survey link makes the data collected anonymous. Many times there’s feedback we want to give without saying who were are. Unrelated example: Nobody leaves their name on what goes into the complaints box.

We can help you set up a survey with skipping patterns for questions that don’t apply to that person & help you analyze the results into a graph or chart.

Market Research is actually a field I’m quite experienced in.

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