Social Media For Business

Quite often get questions from those new to using Social Media For Business.
They want to know what people in their industry share so we usually take a look so they have an idea.

In a few cases have come across shock of having to explain that posting content on your social networks isn’t all about you.

Sharing is about value not just generating money.

One person who was wanting to start had asked is it 80% personal & 20% business?

Reply we gave was that anything “Promotional” should be the second or third posting only.
Imagine each time you talk to your friends or family it’s to ask them to buy.
Or if they did that to you!

With social media; it doesn’t have to be a competitor’s article that you share.
Nor does it have to be in bad taste.

We share our blog posts, useful resources, interesting articles, relevant quotes, Memes
& even a song of the day.

During certain times of the year such as Christmas or even summer; we have a few fun themed postings for ourselves as well as clients.

People tell us that they enjoy what we share!

Many times those we known in real life as well online tells us they enjoy the professional content we share.

Whatever you share or however much you share, keep it consistent.

All too often people have scattered sharing. One week on, two weeks off, then another week on & three weeks off.

If you’re finding that your posting are too scattered or you want to post more often & just don’t have time..Drop us a line!

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