Social Media Posts

Let’s face it, most people are making social media posts.
Entrepreneurs especially embrace it to help market their business.
As one business owner put it, it’s Free Advertising.

You’re a busy entrepreneur building your business & chances are you may not get this new marketing avenue.
We can help!

Many have come to us to assist them with making sense of the social media confusion & to help with your postings get out more consistently.

Too many get busy & their accounts become dormant.

They post one week or maybe two; then get busy so it’s put it off.
Next thing you know it’s been three months since they last posted & it continues in the same way.

Chances are your fans & followers will drift or turn away due to the infrequency. They may even choose to follow a competitor instead.

How often you post is really up to you.

Many post on their social networks daily while others choose to only do so two or three times a week.

Whatever you decide, we can help you keep it consistent.

You might be wondering; how do we know YOUR BUSINESS & what to post.

We were asked this question before & the answer is simple.

Firstly, you give us the guidelines of what you’re looking to post. It could be your own blog posts, videos, newsletters, articles you’ve written, seminars you’ll be at & more.

Most times we are sent the content or told to pull it from their website.

If just starting then posted will be considered “new” to your followers.

Now, with that being said…Social Media posts shouldn’t be just be focused on your business & particularly always sales.

You wouldn’t go to work or out with a friend & “push a sale” & you can’t on social media.

We’ll help balance it out & avoid driving followers away.

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