Social Media Lead Generation

Social Media Lead Generation complements regular business networking.
One business group, the female organizer had said that social media allows you to advertise your business product or service for Free.

In regular business networking, we meet people at business groups to find business leads.

With social media lead generation; it’s even easier. You’re in the comfort of wherever you are. Doesn’t have to be just a “friends list” or “follower”, it can be pages, photos or updates ‘liked’, paid ads, ‘shared’, ‘retweeted’ etc.

When working on fundraising initiatives for nonprofits; our personal list was quite small & had run out.
This is the time of year when many ask for financial support or items they need.
Advertising is everywhere: Newspapers, TV, online, signage or outdoor fundraising staff so we’re using that to our advantage.

Started seeing updates from these various non-profits & either contacted them or put them on our list to follow up with after the holiday season is over. The company we are assisting was most pleased with the leads sent.
We told them that the advertising was seen online & organizations contacted.

Yesterday morning came across two types of leads on two different networks.
1) Was a person looking for a certain service 2) Promoted Post about another business that a business group we belong to is searching for in order to add to their member roster.

The second one was actually an ad – a Promoted Post. Contacted both of them & presented the information asking if it would be of interest to them.

Many times find leads this way especially when seeing an ad or post about a service regularly.

Our “Business Rule” is that we present the information, introduce both parties & they make the buying decision.
You will not find pushy sales tactics here.

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