Skills Training – How do we learn?

This week instead of Efficient Sunday; the topic will be skills training.

The one skill I didn’t have until five years ago (this past week) was sales.

Now, I’m a cold caller & conversation with strangers doesn’t bother me.

However; sales was my lifelong fear.

Did so well making cold calls for information; workplaces would move me into a more phone sales role.

I’d tell them no. Why? Because I knew I’d fail (they always replied you’ll do great).

Finally, six years around this time took some sales skills training designed for women.

It took another year to fully realize I’d gotten over that fear.

What I learned was that the trouble wasn’t sales; it was my fear being unsure of myself.
Even though I’d worked as a cashier, vendor & telemarketing.

Cashier ring purchases through & don’t sell a product to customers.

Woman at one workplace said school doesn’t teach lifelong learning.
Only basics of Reading, Writing & Math; the rest is up to us.

Told this once to a friend who then asked: Ok, WHY do we learn things?

I reply: To gain knowledge & teach others?

My friend said learning based on our interests.

When we lack interest, don’t pay attention.

Learning happens when we take interest to do so.

When I feared tech going from MacIntosh to Windows; that took help learning.

I never knew where to take sales training & no one ever told me where.

Did find a company once; it was $10K for a 1yr program.

Didn’t have money to invest for what I didn’t think I could learn.

Last Dec; needed to learn Infusionsoft. I’m reasonably tech & sometimes think I can learn something.

Couldn’t figure it out; so hired an expert to teach me.

All skills learned can be taught; if we take the time.

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