SheFirecracker Role Model: Malala

SheFirecracker Malala Yousafzai – Teen Activist & our role model turns Nineteen TODAY!

Just a few years ago herself & other schoolmates were shot to keep them from gaining an education.
Malala has defied that with fierce determination & her parents supported her.
(Mine & probably yours would’ve smacked & said OBEY).

Men who take a stand are called Hero, women aren’t Heroine when they do the same. Firecracker is someone usually strong female who stands up for what they believe is right.

Thus we invented the term SheFirecracker to inspire women to have Man Energy what we call ManErgie©
Putting strength of a what men are told Bravo for into future women leaders.

SheFirecracker: The term generated by VYA for strong female leaders.

SheFirecracker: The term generated by VYA for strong female leaders.

Education & literacy is taken for granted by those who have access to it.
It’s not a basic right available globally & without some education; a person cannot advance.
I know when I was nearing high school graduation I was oh if only I’d taken this or that, studied harder etc.

My maternal Grandmother taught me ‘giving back’ probably had no idea what that was.
She wasn’t literate & always used to tell me that she wished she’d gone to school.

Growing up heard non-stop how important education was. In our cultural background; education & especially for females is stressed. Uneducated women can be prey to those who want to keep them oppressed.
It’s not as easy to do the same with an uneducated man to be treated inferior.

Every time I’d argue with my Father; his signature phrase was: Boys can sleep on a PARK BENCH.
Girls can’t sleep outside & without it; your life WILL be tough.

I did not obtain a “degree” from post-secondary & there were some things I struggled with in school but I did finish high school.

As we say around here Firecrackers are UnProfessional & UnConventional!

Happy 19th Birthday Malala! We give you a SheFirecracker salute!

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