Server Errors – Getting around it

Server Errors.
Computers aren’t human and can’t tell between a real email and what is junk or a fake email.

One piece of tech advice that any Geek will tell you is; check your junk and spam filters.
So many times we say we didn’t receive something & that’s the reason.

Once had a company that had hired a new staff member that was sending their email announcements. Well; the email ended up in junk and I almost deleted it.

What stopped me was that it had my first name in the email subject line :
Hi ___, Here are our November Specials – or whatever the case might be.

This rule doesn’t just apply to junk mail folders.
Many times we are waiting for something & think it isn’t received.
Only to learn that it was trapped between other emails.

It’s really time-consuming to have to have to contact each person to see if they received the email you sent them.

Many times in our office we get email requests for our help.
And when we don’t have a phone number then we have no way of knowing if they received our reply.

If you’re waiting for an important return email & it hasn’t been received within two business days then the solution is to send another one.

People do get busy & things get missed. Or if you have a phone number to make a call to find out.

Whenever sending emails of a business matter to non-friends; I usually put the reason for the email & their name or the company it concerns.

This helps people recognize the importance & it gets less missed.

Example: ACME Cement Fundraiser


Hi Jamie Here’s the Sales Training PDF

That’s a good way to avoid email server errors & the other is to check junk mail every few days.

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