Saturday Geek – You’ll love these Shortcut Keys

Welcome to Saturday Geek – Our purpose is to make your use of technology be smoother.
If you fear technology or think you’ll never master it then you are not alone.

Here’s my story on how I started:
When I was growing up I had to be forced to take a computer course & I wasn’t happy about it.
I only did it to get out taking an accelerated math which class I hated more.

Many times when I say that in my spare time I have tech training appointments people always ask are you getting TRAINED? I tell them that no I’m the TRAINER & they are surprised. I don’t look like your typical geek.

Listen for a special announcement at the end.

Computers have short cut keys when performing an action.
There are literally hundreds but today we are going to discuss a few that will save you time.

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