Saturday Geek – Screencasts

Saturday Geek is about helping you ease Technology frustration.

Technology newbies and those who understand basic use alike will benefit.

New to VYA is Screencasts (Screeners); demonstration videos of actions on your screen.

The very first one made by us was an example of how to start making a Visual Goals Board also known as a Vision or Dream Board.

Since then we’ve made a few about using YouTube as well as about how to use Facebook. With many more to come.

The program that we were using saves as a file type that would open on some machines but not on others.

Not to mention our usual conversion process doesn’t accept this file type.

So, did some researching and found a ways to convert it.

Next step was to put them on YouTube & restrict viewing to only those that it was for.

In fact, that brought up another dilemma.

When making video demos of Tech How To social media demos causes an issue.

You don’t want the world to see in a video, your friends list, updates & what’s shared on your personal page.

Thanks to another who does demos we learned about a program allowing blurring.

Also, another industry professional suggested one they use, less expensive than the one suggested above.

Since we’re just starting out making screencasts & back from summer slump season; opted for the less expensive one that has most of the needed features.

Now, when people need help or a refresher they can watch our videos. They will be kept to a length of under 3 mins.

Here’s our first screener.

Some of the audio isn’t great; but hey it’s our first attempt. What a learning curve it’s been!

This one is almost 6 mins; the rest for Saturday Geek will be kept under 3 mins.

Happy Geek Life!

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