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Networking and gaining leads is about who we know. When searching for a service, product it’s surprising how many people don’t look to whom they have in their Rolodex.

I challenge the fact that people are friends & don’t think in-house for that skill or product but go elsewhere.

Why you would think to support your friend just doesn’t compute with me.
So long as the have skillset needed & get the job done.

“Rolodex” was a card file that sat on your desk.

You would flip thru to find contact info.

Much similar to physical address books except for business contacts.

Here’s a tip I heard at a Network Marketing meeting once.

When it comes to approaching people; everyone always say I don’t know anyone. How many contacts do you have in your phone? Email? Facebook Friends?

Add to that any social network where you have followers.

Why would you open the Yellow Pages, search in Google or ask someone if they know a good mechanic even a tailor when you have a friend who provides that service?

I have been & would be upset when actual friends I supported who went elsewhere.

Networking is about building relationships (this was told to me) & friendship with those involved in business is a relationship already built.

My Father was employed an Accountant and when people who knew this needed help; they’d ask him.
Why can’t they work better now than a time when the internet wasn’t invented or widely used?

Once was at a dinner party met a woman who sold cosmetics & jewellery.

The other ladies said they all bought what they needed from her.

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