Regular Customer Discounts

Recently we had written a post about Customer Retention & Loyalty.
Well, to continue on that same topic especially for this upcoming weekend is Regular Customer Discounts.

In the last few years’ another few overly commercial holidays such as Black Friday & Cyber Monday have launched in Canada. They were already in the USA & start the day after US Thanksgiving.

Everybody loves discounts, freebies & special offers but it tends to mess with people’s minds.

Why we believe in regular customer discounts.

Having worked in call centres (as previously discussed) knew all the disgruntled customers who had been loyal subscribers of a service & many of them for a long time of up to 10 years at times.

Yet when there was a free offer or lower priced deal – it went to new customers. The long time customers felt cheated as if they weren’t important.

Our prices here at VYA Online are quite reasonable to begin with. Secondly, we underpromise & overdelive; so our clients get more than their money’s worth when they work with us.
Thirdly, new customers haven’t built a working relationship with us yet.

Lastly, don’t believe in commercialism & undercutting or undervaluing our services.

In the summer had learned that a service I belonged to as a paid customer was giving a special offer to new customers. And long time of my paying monthly apparently meant nothing.
I considered cancelling but didn’t.

Then they changed some of their features & services; that made my decision to leave easier.

At times; we do have special unadvertised deals but again they are for people who have supported us.

We don’t want you to go elsewhere; we want you to stay with us and hopefully forever!

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