Quiet Time & greater productivity

Quiet Time

In school; this was usually reading time or working on schoolwork without any interruptions.

For business owners; this can lead to ideas & better efficiency as we become more productive.

There’s re-charging time & then there’s quiet time; not always both at the same time.

Re-charging our inner batteries is about non work activities whereas moments where it’s quiet is when do our best thinking.

It’s best to pre-schedule this time away from all distractions.

Even if it’s just a day at home, take one hour. Even once a month is good; twice is better.

You’ll find that the ideas flow within, you feel MORE energized about your business & be much more productive to take things to the next level of increased profit.

Once we try it, we will wonder how we ever lived without it.

Doesn’t mean going anywhere or spending a lot of money.

Can be as simple as just relaxing at home alone or going for a short walk.

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