Proofreading while you type

Proofreading; everybody needs it.

None are master spellers or punctuation PhD professors.
You can hire a proofreader to help you with a professional document.

What about for the small needs where you have to watch your spelling & punctuation? Such as an email, resume, even your online postings or even blog posts.

The solution; Enter Grammarly the time-saving app!

Free web based app that catches more errors than spellcheck in Microsoft Word.
That is what they say.

After months of hearing that claim decided to test it out.

Once you add the app to your browser it watches for those pesky spelling, grammatical errors and punctuation mistakes. This is all done in real-time as you type.

How do you know it needs correcting? It gives a red line underneath what it considers to be an error.
Then you have options of words that it thinks you’re trying to write.

If you create an account; there’s even more proofreading customization (haven’t done that).

Now, I’m a decent speller but there are times when in need of a proofreader or when I find mistakes in my documents.
Spellcheck never appealed to me.

Having tested Grammarly; will say it’s quite effective at catching multiple errors needing correcting.

Now while it has worked quite well; in the end, it’s still a machine trying to pick out your grammatical mistakes.
And that means it’s not 100% and shouldn’t replace a proofreader.

It should be used complementary to the human eye of a regular proofreader or even yourself.

Highly recommended app for your browser. However at the same time don’t rely on it solely.
Make sure that either yourself or another give the document a look over after; to find any mistakes it may have missed.

Learned that lesson myself when it didn’t catch a few spelling mistakes.

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