Phone Meetings – Great time saver

Meeting Face to Face is a great way to get things done; we see their expressions & manner. Sometimes it’s easier to deal with what needs doing by having phone meetings instead.

I don’t do evening business meetings because simply put that’s not a business meeting. Nor am I a fan of late ending networking events where everyone stands around not wanting to leave or the

Asking to have a business meeting at 8pm isn’t usually “business”.

Never thought it was a good idea, to start with & they ended up having too many restrictions which kept them from turning into clients so I stopped altogether.

Key factors in a phone meeting are that you don’t have to travel, you can speak to them from wherever you (or they) are at that moment.

Nor worry about squeezing them into your tight schedule or in between other time commitments.

I’m also not big on constant back & forth flying of emails or text messages to your phone.

In fact, it annoys me to no end.

Once had contacted a company about a job & 15-20 mins of the woman asking me questions by text messaging then me finding out that the schedule they wanted; wasn’t what I was able to work.

Had she picked up the phone to call me; all could’ve & would’ve been solved in five minutes or even less.

In the absence of meeting in person; phone meetings will do in a pinch.

When people are trained on anything by us; they are offered a phone refresher if needed to help guide them.

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