Phone call saves time

Today’s digital world; much business is lacking the personal touch with customers or prospects.
Making a phone call saves time & increases how a company looks. We’re about Back 2 Basics here.

Few weeks ago was having a conversation with someone. Asked them for a regular email to send information that they’d requested & asked them to make sure they check their junk mail folder – just in case.

Their answer was they used to work in I.T. & dealt with this problem a lot.

At least someone understands my pain!

So many people have email or social media even cell phones but don’t know how to use them but still won’t pick up the phone.

On Thursday evening someone had responded to one of our ads on Facebook & we responded to the message. If you read yesterday’s Tech Tip then you know about changes to Facebook Messaging system.

Was able to find what company the person was with on their profile. So, picked up the phone & called them.
They wanted to see the ad again to refresh their memory. After a short phone conversation; they were happy to learn they could use the service advertised.

Picking up the phone stopped back & forth “message tag” of waiting & wondering if they got the message or if it was missed. As it turned out; they aren’t so technical and might need that help too!

It was also the weekend & our office is closed. We don’t work weekends, answer emails or calls unless urgent.

When it comes to productivity; making a phone call saves time, headache & answers any questions.

After a third email back & forth on things; my rule is pick up the phone.
It really cuts down waiting time on getting a response. Skype calls are only for International calls or the rare client interview across Canada.

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