PDF – What is that?

What is a PDF?

It’s short for Portable Document Format.

Basically, it compresses your files such as a Word Processing document into a different format.

PDF’s give the document an easier to read finished look.

You may have heard of Adobe Reader which is a Free commonly used program.

It is becoming the more common way to send a Word file, particularly cover letters & resumes.

Images can be inserted to be aligned with written text in the document & it isn’t easy to edit; unless they have a program with those capabilities.

Among the feature benefits is that no matter which operating system that you use: PC or MAC you can still open it without having to worry about compatibility between the two different systems.

Nor being unable to open due the version of the program it was created in being older or newer version than the one that you have. Or even if you don’t have a font.

With a PDF, the file can be zoomed in to view as larger text.

Many programs nowadays also allow to insert markup notes or allow you to fill in form fields without needing to print or having an editing program.

Aside from Adobe Reader, there is another popular Free PDF Reader called FoxIt.

FoxIt I discovered when at a friend’s home once.

They are a lighter in size program that takes up less space on your hard drive.


PDF stands for Portable Document Format

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