Online Calendars Efficiency

You’re not around your calendar at the moment. Yet you get a call about an appointment request.
What do you do? The solution is online calendars!

First thing we added when launching this new website back in February 2016.

There are various companies out there that offer this service.
How to know which to choose?

Take a look at the features the online calendars provide – Is it just an online calendar?
Does it allow being put on your website?
Reminders of appointment? Are they sent and how?
Will it sync with your email and/or phone calendar?
Cost vs Features?

ASK! Find out which ones others use, pros/cons & do your own comparison.
Look at the FAQ of each one, find their reviews online & even contact the company itself with questions.
Would you buy a vehicle or hire a sitter without checking reviews?

The one that was picked for our company, we actually knew of before. Had met company reps at a conference & the deciding matter was that it was not only a fit for what we needed BUT remembered this calendar service when we’d seen it on the website of another.

No longer do we have to manually enter appointments into our company calendar.
Prospective clients can see the available time slots & book a time.
We are automatically notified to accept the request=Major time savings!
It’s a huge stress off our shoulders now that appointments can be booked directly.

Now, if that same message could be conveyed to let people know to check their junk mail; our life here at VYA could be almost perfect!

Here’s the link to the website calendar we use: It’s Free to start with Premium Upgrades.
Online Calendar Management

We’re sure you’ll be just as happy with it as we are.

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