New Customers from Testimonials

Paying new customers; who doesn’t love that?

Testimonials are the best way to bring in new customers.

Many times when we buy a product or service, eat a restaurant, shop at a particular store it’s because someone we know has recommended it.

Even moreso with professional networking and business associations.

Often times when we go it’s because another has recommended that business networking group, course or workshop that they attended on a certain topic.

Last winter had finally attended a business group that another had said that they found beneficial to their business. Other times there were workshops that others had given Testimonials for.

Even funnier situation of a Testimonial happened recently.

In the past year had met a business owner through business networking & thought nothing of their service.
It wasn’t something that we needed for VYA or help for with growing VYA.

Within one networking group that VYA belongs to came two recommendations for this service.

One person had included it in the group for all to know that they’d purchased & were happy with the service.

Yet another person with whom we were working together mentioned to me privately that they had seen another post a recommendation & so they themselves had bought.

I had seen the recommendation & had been curious but now was super curious.

Went & contacted this business owner telling them how two people with positive feedback had me curious.

They laughed & were happy to hear the good feedback.

And later when I went to purchase we both laughed about how two people had turned me into a customer.

As it turned out they saw a spike in sales since many others seeing the recommendations had become customers.

Didn’t even need their product or service; was a luxury purchase for myself.

Testimonials the life blood of any business!

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