Needless Meetings: Cut them out

Recently talking to a networking friend; mentioned how at start of business networking used to go all the time. Have tapered off needless meetings since those days.

Life is busy enough as it is, then enters the needless to & fro of where we go.

She asked if it was worth it; when I used to go all the time.
Well, I answered..was new to town & new in business, not knowing anyone.

So, I just started going out all the time. I met many professionals but it didn’t lead to money always.

Now being a newbie, I knew nobody who could show me how it was done.

And well…I was just helter-skelter & so were my needless meetings.

I wasn’t busy back then & a new start-up with just me at the time.

Things have changed hugely since then & now there’s a team of virtual staff at VYA.

You don’t have to be new in business to have needless meetings; have seen it with people who have been in the business community for a long time as well.

And in the first 3yrs of business, was in the above boat.

We were contacted by a past potential clients who didn’t hire & yet wanted to have a meeting?

They didn’t hire us & weren’t ready when they contacted us again.

MOST business experts are quoted as saying: Keep 80% of your meetings professionally related to your business.

Recently contacted by potential clients & they were offered option that IF NEEDED to meet to conduct the business transaction that it could be done.

Nowadays, with website testimonials, Facebook business pages, Yelp & addition of LinkedIn even; they can avoid a needless meeting by viewing references online.

Even contracts can be sent & signed digitally. (That’s a future Tech Tip).

We are more productive when our professional meetings are about expanding our business profits.

This doesn’t mean you can’t have a leisure day/evening. It means you don’t need to have meetings when neither person wants to buy.

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