Monday I BLAB: Service – Assisting Event Co-Ordinators

Was reminded of this yesterday when topic of busy, overworked & stressed out event co-ordinators can get.
That’s the problem that we have a solution for!

We deal with many solo entrepreneurs who come to us to help resolve that pain.
Whether it’s help organizing a fundraiser, social function, conferences, wedding or even a gala Virtual Assistants can help you take items off your do list.
This is peak season for weddings & galas even.

Working in the Event Industry was always an interest of mine.
Prior to our start & even in our first two years of business when it was just me as staff took on a few client projects of this type that I took on.
I know first hand how much hard work is involved behind the scenes & how much of a learning curve is involved.

Now with a team of staff is increased productivity in helping you with the tasks at hand.

Who Do You Know?

Have them contact VYA for a consultation today!

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