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You have photos and videos on your cell phone & now you want to send them to someone or transfer them to your computer. Just how are you able to start transferring mobile phone images?

Recently; had taking photos of some documents that I needed to send to a family member.

Here are the solutions on how to get them off your phone.

1) Memory Card – if your phone has a memory card; you can purchase a memory card insert & reader at an electronics store. Usually $12-$15 each. You insert that into a computer USB and transfer the images.

2) USB charger – Plug the thinner end of the charger into your phone & the other part into a computer USB port to transfer the images from your phone camera.

3) Not a smartphone or charger trouble
This tech problem is what happened to me very recently.
My laptop kept saying trouble with the “USB drive” when the charger was plugged in.

Now, I had to get these time sensitive documents sent.

Didn’t really want to buy another charger or take the laptop for repair which would mean more delayed time.

Not liking this tech dilemma at all!

As the last resort to send these mobile phone images; had a thought.
Let me find out if I can send the document images by Text Message (SMS).

Then I remembered something. BEFORE the days of most everyone having a smartphone had tried something. Emailing photos by Text Message.

Here’s what I did, went to send a “Text Message” to myself & attached the images.

Instead of a phone number put in my email address in the phone number field.

Then went to check email.

And yay! Worked perfectly!

The images were in an email, could be forwarded & looked clear to recipient.

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