Create your own Mastermind Meeting

If there’s no networking group available or they close during vacation times; then create your own Mastermind Meeting.

Masterminding happens when two or more people put their minds together so does networking.
Work we do with clients (in our company & yours) inspires ideas, article topics or services to try.
People are always suggesting ideas, networking groups, workshops or services to others.

Nobody wakes up self-inspired all the time.

When our old website was down & contacting affiliated companies to form a partnership with; was asked what website I’d provide for our company information.

Answer: while our website is under construction will direct to LinkedIn, business information & references were already there.

Just there someone got a workaround solution to no website available to show.

When we started our blog, all the topics were and still are inspired by conversations with others.

Even moreso with our Tech Articles which are usually result of help given to others. Our most common Tech Tip given is for people to check their junk mail folder.

When we ask a question on a dilemma or mentioning an idea gets answered.

Few years before VYA started; heard a networking tip that had been passed along to another.

The person said they knew someone who said that half of their leads came from business networking.
Couldn’t join a few groups that met regularly only allowed one person per industry & spot was taken.

He was told why not start your own? Invite rab a few fellow entrepreneurs to join you.

Two is better than one when it comes to business and there are many solo entrepreneurs who may be in that networking situation.

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