Lists – Make a Get It List

Lists are great for helping improve our productivity in order to reach professional goals.

Just what is a Get-It-List?

Good question. It was something that I thought of in my sleep last night.
Yesterday was talking to someone I knew thru business networking about vision boards.

They had gotten great news by putting something on theirs just recently & I told them I’d gotten great news as well. Wasn’t the full news I’d wanted particularly a trip I wanted to take. But, I’d put being on the beach & now spending the summer at the beach.

You may have heard of making lists such a To Do List or even To Be List (for what you want to achieve).

Here at VYA we often mention our To Meet List & as of last night have now created a Get It List.
Woke up this morning with inspired & the first person who came to mind was Jack Canfield & what he’d likely say. So, we shall say it was him that sent us inspiration.

With a Get It List we can make ourselves more productive by having something to look forward to. Once we’ve written it down we work hard to efficiently achieve this promise to ourselves.
Write your list of what you wish to “Get”.
Each day say your Get It List items out loud over & over.

For example: Say to yourself: I’m gonna Get It then what you want to get.
Raise or promotion at my current job
What you’ve always wanted to learn
3-5 new clients

Once we tell ourselves over & over I’m gonna Get This or Do That we’ll eventually do so if that’s what we really want.

Be that broken record or skipping disc & you’ll be way more efficient in no time.

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