Lendpreneurs help career goals

Lendpreneurs are those who assist others in their career or business. We hear all the time about helping others.

Each one of us has access to information, leads or resources that can help another person.
Business Friend shared a digital contract signing service with me & I have shared it with others.
I have shared which CRM program I use with others.

Resources & helping other career professionals usually comes thru conversations we have with others.
Friend of mine once said what CRM they use that’s inexpensive & integrates with LinkedIn.

In the last four years or so; have been blessed with knowing medical professionals online & when I have a question can ask them what resources are best.

The only thing is that when we get help we need to not sit on it idly.

Client & I were talking once.

Mentioned how I’d met people through various business networking, workshops & more.
Sometimes these people were fairly new or struggling.

I’m no Marketing or Profit expert but may be able to introduce them to those who are able to help.

In fact, had said to those who mentioned where they struggled that I may know a person to help them.
Wasn’t an easy road when I started & had no one to help me at the start.

I remember my disappointment from back then and how I struggled.

Hope with a Professional Introduction suited to their business, they will get helped too.

Well, succeeding wasn’t that important to them.

Why? Because they didn’t jump on my offer to introduce them.

I have a rule on the role of Lendpreneurs – offer help twice.

It’s not my business that will benefit financially & should you do nothing; you’re on your own.

If you’re sinking & I throw you a lifesaving device it’s useless not to use it.

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