Side income for Layoffs

Job loss and layoffs everywhere we turn.
Caught a bit of the news last night & heard of a city with a mill shutting down.
They are laying off 200+ people & December isn’t a good month for it to happen.

Been fortunate to have never dealt with being laid off due to company closure.
Have had two seasonal jobs in my life & one of them turned into permanent.

Now the age of old question is it bad to be self-employed or is it better (or bad) to hold a regular job & risk closures & layoffs.

During most of my adult life was always a two jobs person in order to have a “safety net”.

If one job ended or was slow then I’d at least have a backup.

Many say that sources of income work the same way.

They say the Average Millionaire has at least Seven Sources of Income.

Friend that I’d made thru a former workplace once said that while he’s chosen to stay in a FullTime job; his income doesn’t stop there.

He believes that even those who work a regular job should have side income opportunities for extra money.

Many people involve themselves in Multi-Level Marketing or perhaps they’re a DJ, tutor, baker etc.

Have tried my hand at Multi-Level Marketing but it wasn’t what I was cut out for.

I also had very weak sales & prospecting skills at that time.

People often wonder what to do as a side income.

Friend had once asked myself & another what she should do.

Suggestion offered by me was pick skillset interest.

When becoming a technology tutor; it was because a relative called asking how to do something.
I’m a Geek just never thought it to make $$. Anything is better than zero.

What skill do you have to make extra money?

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