International Women’s Day 2016

March 8th is International Women’s Day.

In today’s economy more & more women are embracing their Entrepreneurial calling.

Personally speaking; my whole life growing up wanted to work for myself.

As young as age 10 recall saying about being self employed & being told it was a silly dream.

No matter what I never gave up my dream of one day working for myself.

Seven yrs since start of VYA is fast approaching.

Our core passions are helping others particularly causes, employ others particularly those with barriers to traditional jobs & work towards defeating global poverty. That is what ManErgie™ is all about!

Growing up; my upbringing was that of a male so much of what is incorporated into VYA is “Man Energy”.

Hence most clients, trainers, mentors from the very start have been men as that’s what I relate to.

It is utilizing my inner “man energy” that I will work accomplishing this.

People often chuckle to see a female doing mathematic calculations or automatically just converse with men.

Women should be strong, independent & self sufficient as much as a male.

A man is not a financial plan – Kim Kiyosaki




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