Installing Software

Another lesson for Geeks.

When your computer shows a notification for operating system updates and you’re installing software.

This is what happened to me just three days ago.

Decided to purchase a screencast software program that had been a trial program before.

After setup; my system had to be re-started for the program to fully install.

There were two options: Restart Now or Restart Later.

I ended up press ReStart Later and the box with the message went away.

No problem I could just re-start my system right?

Went to shut down the computer & there were three options.

Shut down

Install updates and shut down

Install updates and restart

Well, I wanted to get this program installation finished.

So, I restart.

Next thing you know I’m dealing with an error code 503

I keep dealing with downloading & trying to reinstall the program.

Nothing will work.

I fight with it multiples times trying to install & rebooting the computer as well.

Finally, give up saying I will be an upset customer with the company who sells this program.

I will talk to customer support in the morning.

Next morning, was waiting for customer support to be open.

Had a thought about installing the Operating System Updates.

After I did that, restarted the computer.

Now the program I’d installed was working.

Next time there’s a program that won’t finish installing even when you reboot; look for any computer or software updates needed.

That could be the problem that solves Tech agony!

Computers aren’t human and can’t tell us what we’re doing wrong when we’re installing software

All is well again with Tech running smoothly again here at VYA.

Even us geeks need to learn a Tech Lesson sometimes.

~Saturday Geek where our Tech Tips take you from Zero To Hero~

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