Home Office Increase productivity

In today’s world many business owners work from a Home Office.
Or they have no actual office.

Recently had an appointment to conduct Tech Training.

After they left started thinking maybe it was time to be less of a Virtual Worker.

Next day went back to the same spot.

Ended up running into another I knew who lives in that area.
They had just entered that location, walked past me & wondered if it was me.

She sat down and we started talking.

What was happening in our careers, was I working & what was I doing etc.

Told me what was up with them & their employment situation as well.

Being a solo worker most of the time it was nice to run into someone.

Too many people work from a Home Office and miss out on the Face to Face of when we were once in an office environment.

Most of the time our staff works alone from wherever they are with what needs to be done.

What we get at business networking can’t be brought to us while we’re working.

Solution is to get out of your Home Office or Virtual WorkSpace at least once a week.

Face to Face interaction increases our energy, gets the creative juices flowing & increases our productivity.

Ideas come to us easier, information is learned & it turns into a form of Business Networking.

And they say Business Networking is about building relationships & how 80% of leads are Word Of Mouth.

Even conversation with strangers while we’re working can lead to all of the above.

While the good summer weather is still here; let it increase your productivity.

Get a laptop & just enjoy being outside your usual environment.

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