Holiday Season Networking – Leads

Holiday Season Networking isn’t just attending business groups.
The same as with regular life; leads are everywhere.

Dr. Ivan Misner Founder of Business Networking International (BNI) & otherwise known as my Business God, says Word Of Mouth is the oldest & strongest form of marketing.

He’s absolutely right. Look at our daily lives & buying decisions influenced by those we know or wanting the same products as them.

When it comes to special occasions & “spend days”; we are inundated with advertising. Flowers, chocolates, candy, soft drinks & ice cream in the summer. While in the winter; it’s about helping the less fortunate.

Our casual holiday dinner conversations bring up what we bought, where we went etc.

They say more leads happen casually than they do at networking.

I have what I call the Commission Story that I’ll share in future.

Think about this way, how did you hear about Facebook or Craigslist? Why did you buy that phone?
The last restaurant you went to, why did you decide to dine there?

Word Of Mouth is everywhere & so is advertising.

Sometimes it’s just a need revealed in a phone conversation or when out having a relaxing time.

Friend of another said to me once that those who aren’t in business network MORE than those of us who are.

This past summer when our slow season hit; was working outside in a famous tourist area.

I cannot tell you how many vendor booths, car advertising, ice cream truck, marketing companies giving away freebies & people that I knew from networking that I ran into.

Gaining leads is about who or what we think of to help solve a problem.

In our business; the clients we seek are overstressed small business owners with no regular office support staff.

What is YOURS?

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