Fierce Firecrackers In the works!

Fierce Firecrackers in the making here at VYA Online.
We want to help others especially women realize their career potential. Most males aren’t customer service or desk job types.

My entire life; was the average grades girl with secret entrepreneurial wishes.

Getting an education is a MUST in our family.

Spelling & Reading were big deal to my Mother. Both parents felt Math should be favourite subject; must’ve been our Accounting bloodline.

Truthfully, always hated Math, was more into creative subjects instead of Analytical.

Firecracker is a term from the 1800’s used towards strong minded women who don’t back down from what they feel is right, can be outspoken & are feared.

It’s my nickname thanks to chance meeting on Father’s Day weekend 2013.
Strong men are held in high regard; women with same qualities are shunned.

Another male friend met from the business community; sent me a quote.

Though she be but little, she is fierce!
– William Shakespeare 16th Century Playwright

Malala Yousufzai; she has fought back about everyone’s right to education & we need more people like her. Firecrackers are activists getting things done.

World problems such as crime, abuse, poverty & violence are due to lack of education.
Books are a weapon terrifing those who try oppress others.

It’s not just about being “book smart”.

Barely did I finish highschool & took a few college courses.
Never completed any program fully.
Nothing wrong with Post Secondary but it wasn’t meant for me.

Diamonds are a piece of charcoal that handled pressure well & that’s what I was. Many know of my side hobby & when Professional Development came calling; it knew what path to take in order to get my interest!

Over much blood, sweat, tears & different types of development training; emerged a true Firecracker.

Moving forward; our company goal is creating more Fierce Firecrackers.

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