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For a long time; people who weren’t a Facebook friend could still send you a message.

It would come to your regular inbox.

Now since “Facebook messaging” has become “Facebook Messenger” it’s become more of a chat program such as an Instant Messenger.

Most people call messages “Texting” as it’s an app on their phone. Messages are sent & received in an instant; right after sending. Hence Instant Messenger.

Sometimes messages from people who aren’t a Facebook Friend would go to your “Other inbox” which was like junk mail folder you have in your regular email.

Just as you should check junk mail in your regular email (Hotmail,Gmail,Yahoo, AOL) the same applies on Facebook.

In the last year or so the “Other inbox” on Facebook has been renamed “Message Requests”.

This is where messages from people not on your friends list are found.

How do you find your message requests?

If on a desktop computer, tablet or laptop look at the diagram below. See the dark circle? That’s where you go to your inbox & see Message Requests.

Facebook Message Requests

Messages on Facebook from people not on your friends list go into Facebook Message Requests box

It’s there you can accept or decline a message. The person who sent it won’t know you’ve read it until you press “Accept”.

If using a Smartphone then go to Facebook Messenger app & open it.
On the bottom right corner you should see “Settings”. Tap that.
Next select the option that says “People” & then “Message Requests”

Whether using a computer or mobile phone; also check for “Filtered requests” which are what Facebook considers heavy “junk mail”.

How often should you check? Well, with regular email junk mail, every other day & same goes for Facebook. Check it at least once a week.

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