Saturday Geek: Email Signature – Your Free Marketing Team

Email signatures are a free tool included with every email account. Your email can be used to your advantage especially for business owners.

Your signature takes less than 5 minutes to set up.

It speaks volumes without you having to do or say anything!

Long ago read a marketing article that talked about this.

It said that Hotmail gets you to promote them for free.

Look at the bottom of each email, they automatically insert an email signature that reads Get a free web based email address for life.

Now, if someone needs a new email address they know where to go.

Article suggested working your email signature.

I’ve remembered this since that day & didn’t have a business at that time.

Added a signature to my personal email for independent projects I was doing.

One time was asked You’re not trying to recruit me for ____ are you?

I had simply contacted them about something else.

Had not mentioned the independent project in my signature.

When I replied back; told them this was my personal email.

In the signature was what I was working on & there was no “recruiting” when it’s in the signature.

Quite stupid of them to ask when I hadn’t said anything to them.

At least they noticed my email signature!

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