Efficient Sunday – Time Management: Contact by Telephone

After high school first worked on a casual basis with demonstrations.

The area manager that I reported to had set a rule in her home.

Phone was turned off at 6pm.

Remember calling only to get no answer & no machine picked up either.

The next time I spoke with her told her this & she replied her phone rings all day for work.

So, it is shut off for the evening.

With cell replacing traditional landlines; it’s taken for granted that calls are anytime.

Few years back I was bothered with this.

These weren’t even urgent client requests or I was out trying to enjoy a free evening.

Suggestion given was don’t answer.


If I did to simply state : I’m sorry but you’ve called outside business hours. Please call back when we open. Thank-you and to let them go.

Unless urgent or it is requested; I never call business contacts on weekends or late evenings.

If I do, I always apologize for taking their time & that I will be as quick as possible.

Since then have switched to a Business Line that is only reachable during Bankers Hours.

Check voicemail every few hours in case of important call.






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